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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Snakes On A Cluster: Copperheads Reign of Terror Resumes, RA Somehow to Blame

Gateway to Hell

Confidential Restonian Operative "South Side Sleuth" shares this harrowing tale of terror involving one of the scourges of our otherwise bucolic Reston lifestyle: paid parking DRB regulations vowels in development names copperheads:

According to a member of the dog walking community of Reston, Copperheads have hatched again. Carriage Gate has reportedly had 4 sightings this spring alone including one large copperhead.
More like Carriage Gateway to Hell, amirite?

But we digress. As a concerned Reston resident, you're undoubtedly wondering one thing: How is this the RA's fault? Fortunately, our CRO has that covered:

Most copperhead bites on people occur when they step over a rotting log on the floor of the woods. Most of the rest of the people bitten fall into the category of ’trying to kill a copperhead’. Last year according to another Reston Dog Walking source, three dogs were bitten from under bushes next to sidewalks in Carriage Gate.

If some cleanup and removal of fallen/rotting trees (preferred habitat of the slithering copperhead) were performed around/in the ‘cherished protected woods” near Twin Branches road and the area known as ‘Copperhead Creek’ at the bottom of the lake dam, there would be less copperheads for all our neighbors to share.

Failing that, South Side Sleuth has another Modest Proposal:
Perhaps we could just import some King Snakes to the area. King Snakes, sometimes called Black Snakes, are purported to kill and eat venomous snakes while being harmless themselves.

Maybe Reston/Fairfax could change the name of Twin Branches to Copperhead Road (no relation to the song by Steve Earle, moonshine or marijuana of course).

Don't know the song. Let's check it out:


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