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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

We're #50! Reston Loves It Some Credit Cards, Mindless Consumerism, Hollow Existences

Consume Sheeple

The new year isn't even 10 days old and our favorite earth-toned community has already cracked the Top 50 in another awesome listicle. Way to go!

Reston is one of the communities tied at 50th place nationwide for having the most substantial credit card debt, according to a 2016 CardHub research study. CardHub determined that the average credit card debt for a Reston resident is $7,168. According to CardHub’s credit card calculator, it takes 25 months for that debt to be paid off in Reston. The cost to pay it off is $1,144.
That's a lot of time strapping bombs to dolphins.

Explains a lot, doesn't it? Not the least of which is the quote that singlehandedly describes why Reston Town Center spontaneously erupted out of a blighted field adjoining Reston Parkway:

"75 percent of people in Reston will consider brand name more than price. Retailers cannot get here quickly enough.”
Happy 2016!

But we're not the worst. McLean came in at #8 nationwide, presumably because of that shopping kiosk bolted to its "city" center. Falls Church was 12th, and Arlington is 21st. Vienna tied for 61st place, lower than Reston, presumably because their Home Depot offers shoppers even fewer shades of brown paint for the buildings on Maple Avenue, the end.


  1. Wow! Paying 16% interest over 2 yrs. on $7K's worth of borrowing. I thought people in Reston were smart. I guess I'm wrong again.

  2. "75 percent of people in Reston will consider brand name more than price...."

    Thats true and thats why I choose the "" brand for all my information needs over the pricier web local info portal brands.


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