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Monday, November 23, 2015

Guess We'll Have to Relearn How to Read: Reston Gets Bookstore Again (Updated)

BookstoreFor the first time since midscale bookstore chain Barnes & Noble was replaced by midscale plastic byproduct chain the Container Store, Reston once again has a seller of (new) books. Scrawl Books opened its doors today in one of the Pop-Up Tarts stores that have sprouted at Reston Station. Fire up your iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Android, or whatever, kids, to learn more from its website:

Scrawl Books offers a thoughtful and relevant selection of new books for children, teens and adults in a welcoming space where people can browse, gather, and explore new ideas. We support local literacy efforts and freedom of speech, and strive to reflect and contribute to the diversity of Reston and Herndon and the surrounding area. Owner Rachel Wood is a librarian and Reston resident with more than 20 years experience connecting books with people.
The website says the bookstore is currently seeking a larger location, which makes sense, given that a smaller location would be one of the bike lockers downstairs in the garage.

A "Petite Grand Opening" is scheduled for this Saturday. We're seriously thrilled to see an independent store replace a long-gone chain option. We can only hope that soon, someone will offer an artisanal carb-n-cheese take on the long-lamented Macaroni Grill, the end.

Update: More on additional pop-up stores, from our BFFs at Reston Now.


  1. Those pop-up "stores" are weird. Since the walls are little more than a series of window panes, they're really more like retail zoos. You can hear a whispering documentarian as you pass: "We quietly observe as the female retreats after paying for a trinket with her husband's MasterCard. No big savings for our young yuppie today, perhaps tomorrow will bring better luck." They’ve opened just in time for the winter too. I bet it gets cold in there.

  2. I still miss the B & N in Reston. I go to the one near Fair Oaks Mall now - but it can't compare! I've heard one is opening in Ashburn (I think) in 2017! Long time away....

    Linda in VA


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