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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Caddyshackpocalypse Soon: Play Golf to Make Sure You Will Be Able To Continue Playing Golf Without Hitting Generic Midrise Condos

 Hey, remember that time a big faceless insurance company decided it wanted to redevelop the Reston National Golf Course into lots and lots of midrise bollard-studded goodness, and everyone decided to appeal a ruling from the Board of Zoning Appeals that centered around a Scooby-Doo plot point and whose final decision could only be described using the little-known legal annotation \_(ツ)_/¯?

Yeah, that was awesome. With the next date in court set for October 23, some fearsome political action group, calling itself the "Kids of the 13th Fairway," has released the new video you see above. Our BFFs at Rescue Reston also have a fancy new website, and to help cover court costs are hosting a fancy golf tournament on October 5 to be held -- ironically enough -- at RNGC. Might be a good time to hit the links to ensure you'll be able to continue doing so, at least without hitting the fancy glass-enclosed patios of the midrise condos that would otherwise rise from the fairways and, whazzitcalled, sand traps and whatnot. Otherwise, this is what a round of golf in Reston just might look like, minus the awesomely rad '90s jams:


  1. Poor golf course. I think I', going to cry . . . BWAAAAAAAHHHHHH

  2. Elitist remarks about 'generic midrise condos' do not add to any scant sympathy I may have had over your tragic loss of a golf course view.

  3. Funny how it always comes back to "golf course views," as if that's the only reason people should be concerned about the potential addition of thousands of traffic-generating condo units at the expense of everyone's ability to get around town, access to green space, and overall quality of life. Or is that too elitist?

    1. Not elitist at all, if you pitch a tent and ride a horse to work yourself.

  4. im ok with it. golf courses are stupid. they dont' help the 'people'. pesticide laden fake lawns is not my idea of a 'view'.
    bring on the towers and retail. It will make my 20 square foot lawn that much more attractive.

  5. NIMBY. I support Rescue Reston. Not because I live on the golf course. I don't even play golf.

    I support any NIMBY. Because sooner or later the &^%$-tards will come for MY back yard. Never mind that it is floodplain. Some sleazy shyster will find a loophole, just as they did for the golf course.


  6. I'd call the folks who say it's all about the golf course views FINMBYs (Fine If It's Not My Backyard).

    As you said, it'll come back to bite them on the gluteus maximus if they're not careful.


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