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Monday, July 14, 2014

Flashback Monday: Cussin' Cider At The Foul-Mouthed Farm Market

You may recall the video about the original Reston Farm Market that lost to a talking dog in the Reston: The Video contest. But now there's a fancy website detailing the market's 23-year run through 1997, when encroaching McMansions development finally prompted it to shut its doors. It's actually a great romp through a much-loved bit of Reston history, including an online memory book sharing favorite moments. It's worth a visit, but we'll just focus on one bit of Farmer's Market lore:

The D Word
Turns out this 1981 ad, aired before the advent of all those cussin' channels on the cable teevee, invited the wrath of some busybodies concerned churchwomen:

Moonshine? Slick advertising? Wow, 1981 was different.


  1. The Episcopal Churchladies had it right... after reading this disgusting ad, I will never touch apple cider from the farmer's market again!

    "Live, Work, Play" --- if Bob wanted "cussin" in Reston, he would have said so.

  2. If cursing wasn't part of the Reston ideal, then why is so much of the playground equipment made out of concrete?


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