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Monday, June 30, 2014

Flashback Monday: The Original Silver Line

Original silver line
As we eagerly await the arrival of the fancy Silver Line (keep clapping!), let's set the controls of the Earth-Toned Wayback Machine to the early 1970s, when this lumpen proletariat pawn of the military-industrial complex Restonian was boarding Reston's first mass-transit option. Clearly he was lured out of his primo bachelor pad at the Heron House behind him by the cheesecake-laden promotions for the bus service downtown, in much the same vein as today's Silver Line ads, the end.


  1. Ah, yes. I too remember riding the 5G/5S line to my after-school job at Tyson's. Little did I realize that this economic necessity of my youth (read "too poor to afford a car") would later become the mode of transportation of choice.

  2. I rode the RCB (REston Commuter Buses) downtown from 1976 to their end. When I rode they were red, not silver. By the time I was riding the Friday afternoon alcohol was just about gone. I assume the new Silverline will have a bar car?


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