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Friday, May 9, 2014

Multicolored Pyramid Materializes in South Reston, Prompts 70s Prog-Rock Flashbacks

First in Space
Our Facebook BFFs at the Reston Association posted these photos of stupefied locals photographing an odd pyramidal structure which fell, presumably from outer space, onto the spillway at Lake Thoreau. We haven't seen anything like it since the Eerie Glowing Squares Invasion of Ought-Thirteen.

Actually, like the Eerie Glowing Squares, the "Pyramid of Light" is a temporary public art project, this one designed by students at South Lakes High School under the auspices of IPAR. It's actually really cool! It also gives us yet another chance to play Reston Built Environment or Pretentious Prog-Rock Album Cover:

Dark Side of South RestonDark Side 2

Floyd never envisioned canoes approaching their (Alan Parsons) project, so Advantage: Reston.

Somehow, we think the Triffids will be pleased, the end.


  1. Bowling for BollardsMay 12, 2014 at 1:31 PM

    Very nice. But how do you keep the ducks and geese off of it?

  2. We need more of this! Wonderful happy piece. I wish it could stay on the lake. Well done!


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