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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tall Oaks Vacancies Are Getting To Be A Real Pain In The Neck

20140315 164252
Photos of construction work at Tall Oaks Stucco Wasteland Shopping Center, courtesy of Confidential Restonian Operative "Joel," can mean only one thing: another tenant is leaving. This time it's the chiropractor, who's apparently moving to an office building near some less-traveled spot called... "The Reston Town Center"? Never heard of it.

That's more bad news for the increasingly empty shopping center, which lost the last of its international grocery stories selling sexist bread three years ago. (The chiropractor must have lost a lot of walk-in traffic after "Susie de los Santos" stopped coming in for adjustments.) And apparently the folks who own the center are not interested in selling. Presumably they're biding their time, waiting for Metro to open, at some point, to unleash some awesome bollardy redevelopment goodness on us all, but still:

20140315 164306

This is getting embarrassing.


  1. But that means the tenant is going to give up on all that abundant parking that the people always clamor about.

  2. Until then, anyone for Paintball? TO would make an awesome Urban Field.

    1. It does need a bit of color, desperately, doesn't it?

      Maybe the oaks are too tall and need to be replaced with a parking garage, or three.

      Sigh! As long as Mama Wok continues cooking the best Chinese food in 15 mile radius I'd still go there.

  3. Maybe Savvy Apps (corner of Bowman Green Dr and Reston Pkwy) will lead us to a new Restopia. Full of young techies, startups, high wage jobs, wifi cafes.

  4. We need a homemade Haitian cuisine emporium next to Mama Wok: Papa Doc. Thank you; I'll be here all week, unfortunately. Remember to tip your servers.

  5. El manatial is moving too to old town Herndon


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