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Friday, February 21, 2014

On The YouTubes: A Silver Line Primer, As Delays Push Into Summer. Wait, What? (Updated)

While we and the Sea Monkeys wait for the Silver line to open at some point this spring, maybe, we can all watch this v. v. exciting video that Metro put on the YouTubes. If you've never ridden a train before, or you like watching video of inert Metro pillars shot through the windshield of a moving car, or you want to learn about exploring the "nightlife" in the chain-infested "urban villages" of Arlington (Cheesecake Factory!), or just have nothing else to do for four minutes and change, this video is a perfect diversion for a rainy Friday, the end.

Update: Turns out Monday's the day we figure out if Metro gets handed the keys to the Silver Line by the airports authority, which has overseen its construction. However, Supervisor Cathy Hudgins, while not identifying a start date, hinted that it's looking like Silver Line trains won't roll until summer. Wait, what?
"I won't tell a date for a very clear reason -- a date means that something might happen and if it doesn't, there's something harshly wrong," she says.

Nonetheless, Hudgins says she would be "very disappointed" if rail service on the Silver Line didn't begin before the end of this summer.
What happened to late 2013 January March sometime in the spring?

Update to the Update: Action McNews quotes sources as saying the Monday handover will likely be delayed by "weeks" because of continuing problems. Enjoy even more sweeeeeeet B-roll footage:

Sigh. Sorry, sea monkeys.


  1. I believe the term is "managing expectations." The problem is that no one really has any when Metro comes to mind.

  2. My guess is between Columbus day and Halloween.

    But there is something harshly wrong, Supervisor Hudgins, the total waste of the taxpayers' trust and tax money. The only expectations left are "sadpectations".

  3. I'd Walk A Mile For My CheesecakeFebruary 22, 2014 at 10:54 PM

    How 'bout getting a Cheesecake Factory for the Plaza of the Americas space vacated by Chammps? And maybe we could get the cast of Big Bang Theory to show up at the ribbon-cutting on opening day ? And then everybody could walk from the Reston-Wiehle Silver Line station along the Sunset Hills Road cowpath to the restaurant to get their cheesecake in celebration of the wonderful walkable transit-oriented community we have built for ourselves?

    1. What happened to Hooters? Was looking forward to Cathy Hudgins cutting the opening ribbon wearing orange shorts (not DRB approved.)

    2. Still Walkin' For My CheesecakeFebruary 23, 2014 at 11:03 PM

      Only if Hooters sells cheesecake...oh wait, that's all they sell in a manner of speaking.

  4. I looked over the edge of the Wiehle bridge on Sunday. The metro tracks are rusty. Rusty! Means they haven't even been testing.

  5. The WMATA board seats should be filled with public transportation professionals, so at least you have a better idea of what the hell is going on and what should be the plan. Too many BS wasted on politics and bozos.


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