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Thursday, December 5, 2013

We're #7! Reston Ranked Seventh Among Virginia Cities, Sort Of

Calling it a "deep dive into the Old Dominion," some fancy "real estate web log" trolling for web hits doing serious data-driven research has ranked Virginia cities, with our beloved earth-toned community coming in seventh, just behind Fairfax County's "Rose Hill," which isn't even a city or town, and tied with forgettable cloverleaf intersection Chantilly. Tied? Let the Two-Minute Hate begin!

Apparently Reston "made the cut due to its median household income of almost $100,000," which, as we all know, only semi-qualifies us for Super Zip status in fancypants Northern Virginia. No mention of our nagging problems with indoor plumbing, though that may have given hated Chantilly the edge over us.

Apparently better than Reston are Alexandria, Oakton, Annandale, McLean, and, of course, the oh so Parisian Tysons Corner. (Interestingly, the only non-Northern Virginia community to make the list is the town of Suffolk in Tidewater, which came in at #10 despite the fact that it once attempted to market itself as "Surprising Suffolk." Let's move on.) Herndon came in at #11, which, you know.

But the best place to live in Virginia? Well, duh, it's Centreville, silly rabbits. Another forgettable cloverleaf intersection, Centreville has also usurped Reston's rightful place as the Best Place to Live Ever in previous listicles. Here's what these folks had to say about it:

This town is made up of luxury townhomes, shopping, movie theaters, and some really beautiful houses. When you want to get away from it all, Centreville is just eight miles from some five-star hiking trails.
And here's the picture of Centreville that was used to justify placing it at #1 on the list:

Well, maybe they do have a point then.


  1. The only Rose Hill I've ever heard of is Fordham University's campus in the Bronx.

    1. I believe it's named after Ms. Hill's brother, Sam.

  2. I'm sure Centreville is a wonderful place to live, unless you have to commute down 66 in order to get to work. This coffle of Convicts looked at buying a new cellblock there. When it took 1 hour to go from 495 to Centreville Road down 66 during evening rush, I knew Centreville wasn't "The Place".


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