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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Never Mind the Silver Line Delays: Distractions For Everyone!

Apparently it's now more or less official that the most recent delays in Silver Line construction and testing have pushed the opening of our E ticket ride to the wonders of Paris Tysons back to April. But let's not worry our pretty little heads about things like "delays." Our BFFs at Metro have been kind enough to come up with some nicely gender-specific things to keep us distracted while we wait.

First up, ladies, check this out:

Metro ladiesHaha, ladies and shoes, you know?

And since that distracted only 50 percent of the population, here's a nice shiny object to keep the menfolk occupied while they sit in traffic on the Toll Road:

Metro MenOoh, bright. Now when was the Silver Line going to open again?


  1. When that metro bus or a train invariably breaks down those shoes become a life-saver. Can we talk about a reverse sexism? OMG, Metro!

  2. Am I missing something on that MetroBus ad? Is "8,260 miles between breakdowns" something to be proud of? My cars have been a combined 140,000 miles without a breakdown.
    - SCS

  3. What's wrong with talking about shoes?


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