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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Your Weekly Dose of Sad: Where the Divorced Guys Are


Our BFFs at Patch ran this map using U.S. Census Data showing where Reston's divorced men live, and boy, is it a pile of Sad. Unlike our (apparently) committed friends in "Great" Falls and the McMansion-studded far north of Reston, we're all apparently a bunch of dysfunctional, broken people you'd be just as likely to find on the pages of a Jonathan Franzen novel as in one of our midscale chain restaurants.

But let's take a look at that one (relatively) divorce-free patch in the center of the map. What can we learn from it?


Apparently we should all spend more time on the links, the end.


  1. Wait a minute! I sense a bias here (there).

    A good number of readers may be equally if not more interested in the whereabouts of Reston's single women instead ;)

    Oh, there aren't any?! Bummer...

  2. There are quite a few. It's the interest that's lacking...


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