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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Reston: The Door

Reston The Door.jpg

We've been remiss in poring over the fall issue of Reston: The Magazine that was delivered by uniformed federal agents to Restonian World Headqaurters some time ago. But before we could even get to the "Necessity of Neighborhood or Cluster Walk-Through Inspections" article, we were stopped cold by this photo of a door featured in an exciting, Modern Architecture-worthy spread of the featured properties on the Oct. 19 Reston Home Tour.

First off, wow. As Reston doors go, it lacks the institutional metal slab je ne sais quoi of the doors the DRB knows and loves. It looks more like the entrance to an elite Danish sauna.

We made an even more frightening discovery when we realized we'd somehow misplaced our print copy of Reston: The Magazine and had to go looking for it "on line": check out the first thing that pops up on the list of "related publications" while you are perusing the usual list of swim lessons and tennis schedules:

Brambleton Mag.jpg



  1. Absolutely a non conforming door in my neighborhood. What a shame, too. Just one more way that cluster design standards keep owners from upgrading and improving their properties. The neighborhood Nazis want to keep us looking old and dated. We look forward to the day when we say goodbye to Reston and the DRB.

  2. Yeah that's another great issue of Reston Magazine. I particularly enjoy the Cathy Hudgins article series.

    In this issue she tells us how fortunate we are to have proffers from developers. Meaning that if you donate some fancy "art" to a metro walkway, you too can build yourself a condo tower anywhere you want!

    Not surprising from Hudgins of course. She's know to be well inside multiple developers' pockets. Proffers have lined her coffers...

  3. Anon 11:43: That house with the fancy door isn't located in a cluster, therefore it doesn't have to conform to cluster standards.

    1. Well of course it doesn't, silly, you have a wonderful gift for stating the obvious! The point being ( or didn't you catch it?) that cluster standards can cut both ways, they can make a home look new and updated, or they can remain the dowdy old places that they have become since being built years ago...

  4. Beautiful door and part of a great cause = raising money for Reston Historic Trust

  5. Where is the Restonian's take on the soon-to-be-closing SouthLake Inn?

    Is there any chance at all that Reston will ever get a good dive bar locally? Discuss.

  6. North Point is getting a Glory Days. Whooo Hooo!

  7. That door is on a single-family house on Fairway Drive near Whiele.


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