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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

RCA Gives Reston Master Plan Draft a Solid "D," Plans to Oppose It

See Me.jpgAfter attempting to play nice working for some time -- at first quietly, and then less so -- to address what it sees as deficiencies in the Reston Comprehensive Plan that's been developed over several years by the Reston Master Plan Task Force With an Incomprehensible Acronym (¶), the Reston Citizens Association has now opted to formally oppose the draft as it now stands.

In a meeting last might, the RCA's board approved a resolution, replete with the term "whereas," in which it asks the task force to "redress the major shortcomings" in the current plan and said it will vote against endorsing the current draft.

The RCA's basic concerns haven't changed: that the draft doesn't really address our looming transportation gridlock issues, require adequate parks and recreation facilities and other boring stuff like, whazzitcalled, "infrastructure," and offers too much "flexibility" to developers.

This decision comes after the RCA's Reston 2020 Committee drafted a fancy report card for the draft, giving it a solid "D."

Since we're well-known for our positive, supportive analysis, we'll start with the areas where R2020 says the plan does well: the "Overview," which gets a B (for being "generally consistent with Bob Simon's original vision and planning principles" and maybe for using proper margins?) and "Environmental Stewardship," which gets a B ("generally comprehensive" and maybe "used spellcheck"?) "Public Facilities" gets a solid C, though it's marked down for calling for a second elementary school near Dogwood Elementary, not where all the sweet bollardy growth around Wiehle Avenue will actually happen. Everything else gets a D, except for "Urban Parks, Recreation and Culture," which gets a big, fat F. Check it, as the kids haven't said for years:

Report Card.jpg

Why the big push now? The draft is nearing completion, and the problem is that once it's approved, the it will move from the (relatively) friendly confines of the Task Force to the county planning commission, which doesn't exactly have the best track record of acknowledging local concerns -- or even the recommendations of its own planning staff. It's not clear if the RA and ARCH, which recently joined forces with the RCA on master plan issues, will take an equally strong stance, but they probably should chime in before it's too late.


  1. We're going to vote with our feet and get the heck out of Dodge City before all this new development hits the fan. We simply do not want to live here anymore.

  2. How very Amish of you.

  3. Anonymous #1 has a point. If people want to live in an urban decay jungle they can just hop over the Potomac. The rest of us like squirrels and trees. :p

  4. Lest there be a misperception, Reston 2020 did NOT object to the overall density or mix of uses; in fact, it saw the TOD development as a strength We think a properly developed urban core could add a lot to Reston; hence, the "B" on the Overview where these lofty goals are presented.

    NTL, pretty much the rest of the Plan undercut the development concept (such as too much"flexibility" leading away from a decent J:HH balance) or do not provide infrastructure & amenities important to Reston (eg--not enough congestion relief; too little open space, athletic fields, etc.).

    It is not a good Plan for sustaining Restonians' quality of life nor does it conform to Reston's vision and values.

  5. Of course it won't call for more parks and recreational facilities. Parks and rec centers use space from which developers can't profit directly.

    At least these groups have it half-right. They might oppose the plan, but they aren't against the massive influxes of new people.

    And they still haven't glommed onto the fact that the BoS doesn't really give a rat's rear end about our Quality of Life so long as there's money to be made from developers. You won't bet Masters of your own Destiny until Reston becomes a municipality.

    In the interim, I'm with Anon #1. The Convicts have already begun the process of looking for a new Penal Colony, hopefully one with some undevelopable land around it.

    No Growth is Smart Growth.

  6. I have to say it, "Reston was so much better as a sleepy bedroom community."

  7. Half of our Cluster has left in the last few months. I fear that this place is about to become a big crap hole.

    1. We are with you, we shall indeed be leaving Reston next year! Just one more Anonymous who is fed up with all the pro-developer crap around here. A pox on the BoS houses!


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