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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Reston: Demographics Are Destiny (and Density)

Reston diversity2.jpg

Confidential Restonian Operative "Joel" passed along this fancy website which maps demographics based on U.S. Census Data. Each dot represents a person from the 2010 Census; blue is white, green is black, orange is Hispanic (which strikes us as just a teensy bit racist), and red is Asian. To our eyes, we see a lot of blues and greens living in close proximity, as was The Reston Dream, with greater concentrations of yellows and reds bunched together.

But let's zoom out a bit and look at our neighbors:

Reston diversity.jpg

Wow. Herndon (at the left) and "Great" Falls (upper right) are definitely two extremes.


  1. Como se dice en ingles "Barrio"?

  2. The map skews the appearance of demographics a little bit. You see the big blotch of red on Elden street to the west of FFx County Pkwy. I was thinking how come there are lot of my Asians homies there. Turns out, that's where Stuart Woods apartments is at, and probably a lot of Asians live there. However, the way the map shows them, it puts red dots over the entire census block, so it covers the places where the shops and the motel is in red. So, it looks like the entire census block is full of Asians, even though it's only like one tiny corner of the block

  3. I never knew so many dots lived in Lake Fairfax Park!!! And look at how many dots live immediately across Wiehle Avenue from Lake Anne (where its mostly just trees). And what about that one dot that lives in the McDonalds/Pizza Hut off of Wiehle. I cry "fake data!!!!"

  4. You have the wrong map. This is a map made by data collected from the NSA.
    According to Edward Snowden, each dot represents the location of someone doing a google internet search.

    Each Blue dot represent a Google search for "Martha Stewart with Donkey XXX photos"
    Each Green dot represent a Google search for "Bill Cosby with Donkey XXX photos"
    Each Red dot represent a Google search for "Kim Jong-il with Donkey XXX photos"
    Each Orange dot represent a Google search for "Ricky Ricardo with Donkey XXX photos"

    You DON'T WANT TO KNOW what the brown dot searches are for.

  5. Why are there dots in the Target parking lot? I know the Census tries to track down homeless people, but I guess the location of the camp in the woods is no longer a secret.

  6. if you take a pencil and connect all the dots you will see an image of Robert E. Simon waving a light saber.

  7. Look at all that open space in Great Falls to cram in some more workforce housing! Whaddya say, Cathy?

  8. Doesn't that blob of yellow dots along Glade and South Lakes look an awful lot like a Llama head stuck on top of an Incan warriors torso? Pretty eerie if you ask me.

  9. If I stare long enough at the light bulb in my office, I can see red, yellow and blue dots, too! Psychedelic, man!

  10. the clump of green dots in fairfax city looks like its at the prison, which is depressing

  11. So what! Save the race consciousness for anybody who gives a shit! OH, the humanity.

  12. Oh my god, these comments. Wow.


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