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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

On the YouTubes: More Fun on the W&OD

Our BFFs at Patch first posted this exciting YouTubes video of yet another car mistaking the W&OD Trail for a non-toll expressway between Vienna and Reston, which apparently is now A Thing. We may not particularly enjoy the fact that this seems to be happening more often these days, but you gotta love the music on this video, the end.


  1. Two Wheels Bad, Four Wheels GoodJuly 24, 2013 at 1:22 PM

    Well at least this cyclist appeared to use common sense and stop at the road intersection shown at the end of the video, unlike the freaking idiots of the Reston Bike Club who this past Tuesday just blew through the stop sign at Soapstone and Glade en masse, per their usual habit. Not to mention their riding in the roadway and not the designated bike lane. Not to mention the particular a-hole who decided to ride literally four or five feet behind my car at 25 MPH to catch my slipstream. If I had had to suddenly slam on my brakes, he would have cartwheeled over me. Darwin Award!

  2. Well, the bikers are always saying "share the road". I guess now the drivers are now saying "share the trail".

  3. Two wheels: Only 25 on Glade? Glad he didn't run over you!

    Yesterday I saw a white Mercedes SUV blow through that stop sign at 40+. Perhaps he and the Reston Bike Club could get together.

    Glade & Soapstone is one of the "cherry spots" FCPD uses for traffic enforcement. Here's hoping. G&S has been quite a safe intersection since the 4-way stop went up. May it stay that way.

  4. Peasant From Less Sought After South RestonJuly 25, 2013 at 2:58 PM


    Strange, but I've never seen the police giving traffic tickets at the intersection of Glade and Soapstone in all the years I've lived here. Their favorite speed trap by far is on Soapstone about 200 yards north of Lawyers, where the pedestrian trail crosses the road. Unless you're riding your brakes the entire way from Glade, it's almost impossible not to go above the posted limit of 25 MPH on this stretch of Soapstone because of the steep downhill grade. It's a perfect spot for a traffic stop, since by the time you come around the final curve and hit the straightaway, you're within range of the FCPD radar gun and can't slow down in time.

    The only saving grace of the situation is that the next time somebody in a big hurry is tailgating me down this stretch of Soapstone, I'm going to pull into the small cul-de-sac just after Glade so that the tailgater can go full speed ahead right into the speed trap.

  5. I love those guys who insist on riding their bikes in rush hour traffic. Nothing funnier than seeing a grown arse man with some tight shorts on what is basically a children's toy. Most cars will switch to the other lane to go past them....I just simply hit the gas and squeeze right through.

  6. If ever there was a time for fanciful concrete bollards, surely it is NOW!!!

  7. Peasant, watch for a black or white unmarked Crown Vic. Look for blue lights hidden in the grille, antenna count 3+, and a spotlight by the left outside mirror.

    The cherry spots are, as you said, by the trail crossing, but also in one of the two cul-de-sacs (Sweetbay, I think.)

    Sometimes they are on Soapstone just south or north of Glade. I think this is probably a licence check rather than speed trap.

    Very frequently on Glade just east of the soccer field. The little hills make an ideal hide. I would actually like to see a speed trap AT the soccer field, especially when the kids are playing. Most drivers slow, but there's always some human sphincter that blasts between two rows of parked minivans at speed.

    I live in hope that FCPD will have occasion to see the brahmin in the SUV blow off the 4-way.


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