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Monday, June 10, 2013

Flashback Monday: The Reston Living Room That Should Have Been (and Probably Was)


Okay, so maybe this photo of a sofa didn't come from Reston proper, but you just know that ones just like it filled many a "conversation pit" in the mid-70s here in our earth-toned community. With a different upholstery pattern, one end of this sofa could even have been in this highly convincing advertisement encouraging folks in their 20s to move to Reston, the end.


  1. Worst flashback ever....

  2. Shouldn't that be Worst. Flashback. Ever. ?

  3.     rst.
    Wo    Fl

  4. Au contraire, three anonymii...we need to deconstuct this image for its true meaning. Clearly the swirling curve of the sofa where Shaggy Guy and Polly Esther are seated is meant to invoke the sinuous curve of the buildings around Washington Plaza, our very own Portofino-on-Lake Anne. That shade of green fabric suggests the algae-tinged waters of said lake in summer time, with the rippled surface representing the RELAC-induced swirls and eddys. And clearly the provocative legs-spread pose of that doll on the left symbolizes the hedonism of the Me Decade of the 1970s, as she beckons boaters on Lake Anne with a sultry come-hither look that just screams, "Psst, sailor, looking for a good time?"

  5. Or maybe it's a giant green dollar sign (that the developers hope to make)

  6. I call bullshit. If Restonian can't even have a flashback with a photo actually of Reston, it ain't a flashback of Reston.

    What's next? A youtube clip from That 70's Show? I imagine Restonian thinks himself a Kelso, but he's probably more like Red.


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