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Friday, May 3, 2013

Shocker: New UFO Spotted Over Reston, Unclear If DRB Drone

UFO2.jpgWe've written before about suspicious airborne devices that may (or may not) be part of a "secret air war" against the scourge of red mulch and white stone by the DRB. And there have been other unmanned airborne vehicles trolling the skies over our beloved earth-toned community. But Confidential Restonian Operative "Joel" has spotted what might be the strangest one yet, a contraption that looks like a WW2-era barrage balloon. He writes:

When I saw a balloon floating over south Reston on Wednesday, my first thought was that Reston's first car dealership had opened. It was not to be.

The balloon flew above Reston again on Thursday near the Town Center. Guided by its tether line, I found a support trailer parked in a corner of the park & ride lot. They must have spotted me; as I approached, the balloon lowered through doors on the roof of the trailer.
Fortunately, "Joel" was able to snap this photo of the UFO returning to its mothership:

The fancy "web site" advertised on the trailer suggests that the company is involved in "aerial thermal imaging and audit services, large-scale construction documentation, cellular tower simulations" and other similar kinds of from-above imaging. But for who? And why? And to what purpose? All we know is we're covering our illicit pink flamingo with some earth-toned mosquito netting before turning in tonight, the end.


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