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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snowcovenantviolation 2013: The 'Live Web Log'

Snow pic.jpgRemember this gem from way back the last time we had this much snow predicted to fall? Yeah, it's been a while. We're also not digging the Snowquester name that was imposed on this storm -- it makes us Washington-area folks seem wonky, and overly obsessed with things folks in flyover country "outside the Beltway" have no clue about. So we coined our much more relatable, HOA-friendly phrase, as you can see above.

We'll be "live web logging" as long as the power and our copious supply of canned food holds out. See earlier updates, etc., etc. after the jump.




For the first time, VDOT has unveiled a fancy interactive map of plowing efforts. Too bad we have no clue what any of those icons mean. But at least we can wistfully watch the video camera of the Toll Road and wish we were out there, heading to work or Tysons or something.


Let's start with this fancy video the RA released yesterday to keep us from panicking reassure us the paths will remain clear. Be sure to use your last waning moments of cellphone battery power to enjoy it:


  1. As much as I get on RA for what it does and doesn't do, it consistently gets the pathways cleared on a timely basis. And that's over more than a quarter-century of observation.

    Keep up that good work, RA!

  2. Not for those of us with X-country skis. Relegated to the horse trail.


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