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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Please to be Enjoying Pictures of Glorious Metro Construction, Wiehle Station 'Most Complete' of Them All


Much like the great representational art of the Soviet Union, please enjoy this photo of a union thug glorious worker doing… well, something to the Wiehle Avenue Metro Station. Much as everything about Reston is Above Average, you'll be pleased to know that our very own Metro station is the "most complete" of all the new Silver Line stations.
Construction of the five stations in Phase 1 of the Dulles Corridor Metrorail stations is now focusing on interior finishes, installation of elevators and systems. The Wiehle-Reston East Station, the temporary end of the Phase 1 alignment, is now 82 percent done and is the most complete of all the stations.
Yet another feather in Reston's cap! Just ask these guys, who look like they're doing something Very Important to the tracks leading to the station:

The Silver Line isn't even open yet, of course, but our local Congresscritters are already pushing to extend Metro to Centreville and Ikea Dale City.
Two congressmen from our area, Gerry Connolly and Jim Moran, have introduced the “Northern Virginia Metrorail Extension Act,” which would study extending the Orange line to Centreville, the Yellow line down Route 1 to Fort Belvoir, and the Blue line down I-95 to the Potomac Mills mall in Woodbridge.

“We have to start talking about choices and alternatives right now,” Connolly told me. “We may decide that light rail is better. Or bus rapid transit. But let’s have the debate now. That’s what’s been lacking.”
We can't wait to jump right out of the future Cheesecake Factory, or whatever midscale chain eatery pops up at the Wiehle Avenue interim retail center, hop on the Metro, and just several short hours later after changing trains three times, arrive at the Cheesecake Factory at Potomac Mills Mall. Excelsior!

Meanwhile, folks who ride the Less Awesome Blue and Orange lines are already bracing for reduced service at peak hours, on account of trying to squeeze all our fancy new Silver Line trains through one aging tunnel. We're thinking it may make sense to see how well the existing system handles the current bump-up in service from the Silver Line before considering building any more fancy fun tracks to such exciting exurban locales as the future Dumfries Towne Centre, or whatever, but that's just us, the end.


  1. Ah yes ... Connolly and Moran ... always happy to spend money we don't have to study something they should have prepared for and funded ages ago. It's business as usual with locally elected officials.

  2. Don't worry your pretty little soul. This will never happen, because someone would have to agree to build a bridge over the River Occoquan and we all know Prince William hates bridges. (Which is why it took 20 years to get one of Wellington in Mananas.)


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