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Monday, March 11, 2013

Flashback Monday: A Land Before Home Depot, or Memco, or Whatever

Old intersection at home depot.jpg
This exciting photo may appear to be from a deleted scene of the Dukes of Hazard, but in fact this backwoods, seemingly hillbilly-intensive crossroads is none other than the intersection of Baron Cameron Avenue and what is today Reston Parkway, many moons before Memco Hechingers the Home Depot would grace our beloved earth-toned community. Guess that white van is hauling some 'shine to the then-farm town of Herndon, instead of waiting at an endless traffic light before getting loaded up with shingles, and plywood, and grout, and whatever else is needed to build one of those particleboard palaces in Loudoun County.

Closeup.jpgApparently, you only had two choices at this intersection: head down then-Reston Avenue or go back to Baron Cameron, Village Road, and the friendly confines of Rt. 7. There's no HERE THERE BE DRAGONS sign in the other directions, but we guess that's just implied.


  1. What year was this picture taken?

  2. If the van is heading toward Herndon, then we are looking at the SE corner where the Spectrum is now. There used to be dense woods in that area. This must be a really old photo.

    1. Judging by the arrows on the sign, I think you're right. I believe we're standing near the corner where the church is today.

  3. Although clearly about noon during the summer, the van is indeed headed west. You can tell from the shadow on the van and the sign shadows on the lamp post.

    Interestingly enough, I thought the other side of Reston Ave was named Seneca Road until they actually started building North Reston.

    My family lived in Herndon when I was a child and I had an Aunt and Uncle that lived in Great Falls off of Seneca Road. This the route that we would take a couple of times a month to go visit them.


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