"It’s difficult to overcome the culture that we live in.
It’s a culture where a state-of-the-art bathroom and kitchen
are what one needs, plus enough square footage to show everyone
that one could afford it. We’ve gone a couple centuries
without understanding community.
It’s too bad that it’s so hard to communicate what pleasure one gets
from living with one’s fellow human being."

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

At Lake Anne, a Different Kind of Peep Show

Lake Anne Peep Show.jpg

Those of you who read the Washington Post "news paper" are no doubt aware of the fancy Peeps contest they hold each year. But imagine our surprise when our favorite brutalist playground was so faithfully recreated using marshmallow confectionary by the folks at Chesapeake Chocolates and Lake Anne Florist! We especially like the recreation of Bronze Bob on the bench. All in all, it's a different kind of peep show than we've associated with Lake Anne in recent years, so that's a Good Thing.

We're off on one of our lavishly paid Web Logger Vacations, maybe checking out the wonders of far-away Oakton. So enjoy spring break -- and be excellent to each other.

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