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Friday, December 7, 2012

On the YouTubes: We Watch the Reston Association Videos So You Don't Have To, Learn That Reston Station Office Building Construction Has Begun

The weirdly angled Bridge to Nowhere spanning the Toll Road before ending in midair opens this, the festive holiday edition of the monthly Reston Today video. Dulcet-toned Andy Sigle dons a hard hat and hands us over to Reston Station construction superintendent Dave Mesich, who announces that the parking garage has finally sprung forth from the bowels of the earth to reach the "plaza level." Soon, the Sleestacks will see daylight for the first time. Soon. "We'll be ready when that train rolls in," Mesich says, and presumably so will they.

There's more! The addition of a fifth tower crane to the site -- which is especially impressive if you like cranes and/or are a three-year-old boy, means that Comstock has also started construction on its 16-story office building. Parallelogram, here we come!

But it wouldn't be the holidays without a special treat, and here it is: a "sneak peek" of the parking garage we'll soon be jockeying for spaces in. Behold!

"It resembles most of your typical parking garages," Mesich admits, "but with LED lighting." Sweet!

There's some other news as well, mostly about a survey of Reston apartment residents and a community-wide survey that will go out to all of us next year, which will help the RA set budget priorities and prepare for the influx of new residents. And with that we fade to credits, another four minutes and 41 seconds of our lives over, ticking down like the sands in the hourglass as we celebrate the approach of a new year with bright lights and festive celebrations that serve to mask the never-ceasing passage of time. Happy holidays!


  1. LED lighting! Why didn't they say so sooner -- I'm lovin this garage now.

  2. I wonder if we could somehow wedge a street hockey rink in there on the weekends, or even start our own Flat Track Roller Derby league there. DC has a venue and so does Loudoun.

    C'mon, folks! Are we to be outdone by the ghetto and trailer trash of the DC Metro area?

  3. Anyone interested in a betting pool on when the first subterranean mugging takes place? I mean, other than the one that took place to get this blemish built, that is.


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