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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

As the Silver Line Turns, or Apparently Doesn't

Turnaround.jpegThis would be funny, except that it isn't:

Metro may have to spend millions more than anticipated to operate the new Silver Line because trains will have to travel farther east than planned, according to two people with knowledge of the problem.

Transit officials originally expected eastbound Silver Line service to end at the Stadium-Armory stop, according to the two sources. But officials have since concluded that the tight turning space near the station would make it difficult for trains to reverse course there. Instead, trains will travel five additional stops to Largo before turning around to head back toward Virginia.

The change could cost Metro $4.5 million a year more to operate the line, according to the two people familiar with the problem and the plan to deal with it.
Way to sweat the small stuff, Metro. We're not exactly reassured that their preparation for the eventuality that their fancy trains might, on occasion, need some way to turn around doesn't appear to be much more detailed than the plans we submitted for Phase 2 of the Silver Line.

So maybe we'll drive instead, and use those accident-riddled fancy Lexus Express lanes on the Beltway. How hard could it be to make sense of a variably tolled, limited access median highway with traffic lights and T-intersections?

Beltway Lanes.jpeg

This is why we try to avoid leaving Reston if we can help it, the end.

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  1. Thank Ford I needn't commute by Metro!

    We are 0 for 5 in using Metro for non-commuter activities. Single-track delay? No-track delay: off into a freakin' bus! Parking? I hadda' park a mile away and hike to the Vienna stop. Or the train just stopped at Metro Center and announced it wouldn't continue for 45 minutes.

    We have season tickets to the Shakespeare Theater and Cathedral Choral Society. Metro would be great if it worked. I drive.

    PS - The current production of Midsummer Night's Dream is a hoot! Go. You will not be disappointed.


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