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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Domestic Incident Becomes Second Reston Murder of 2012

Here's some news video of yesterday's domestic incident in South Reston that left Dr. Ruth Hamilton Allen dead, allegedly at the hands of her brother as their 91-year-old mother watched. Unthinkable.


  1. It's always important to keep violent crime in perspective.

    For example, if Reston were an incorporated town, and if the City of Reston's chief of police were Cathy Lanier, then at this point in 2012 only 1/3 of Reston's 2 murders would still be unsolved...or unresolved, if you choose.

    1/3 of 2 = .66 murders unsolved/unresolved. That wouldn't be such a bad record for Lanier in a city like Reston. The locals would have a hard time wrapping their heads around .66 murders.

    Unfortunately, when you get to a critical mass of real numbers - 2,300 homicides in an 11 year period with 1/3 of them having fallen through the cracks - it's starts to look kinda bad.

    Simple arithmatic should continue to make the average Restonian feel safe. There's no need to buy an AK47 for personal protection...just yet...unless you work the night shift at the 7-Eleven on Sunrise Valley Drive.

    1. A Ruger KLCR-357 will do nicely. If it's good enough for Walter White, it's good enough for me.

  2. Easily the most obnoxious local tv reporter there is...

  3. These murders were not random acts of violence, or robbery, or else. Safe dreams, everyone :)


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