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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Caddyshackpocalypse Now: The Rally: The YouTube Clips of the Empty Chair Speech

Caddyshack.jpegBy all accounts, this weekend's Rescue Reston rally, held right across the street from the at-least-for-now Reston National Golf Course, was a big success. Our BFFs at Patch reported that several hundred people attended, wearing T-shirts in a shade of neon greenish yellow guaranteed to give the folks on the DRB nightmares for weeks. Hunter Mill Supervisor Cathy Hudgins expressed support for preserving the golf course as open space, saying:

"I don't want to minimize that this could be a challenge," she said of fighting the threat from developers. "But [Fairfax County] Zoning has opined correctly, It supports Reston. I respect the process. I see the outcome of this being preservation of the golf course and open space."
Fingers crossed that the "process" actually works. And yes, there was a conversation with an insurance company exec in an empty chair. (More on that later.)

Hey, did you know Rescue Reston has a theme song? Here it is, courtesy of the YouTubes machine:

Sounds familiar. We still think this number is somehow more a propos.

Please to be enjoying more videos from the rally. Here, Hudgins makes the case for protecting open space.

Reston Association board member Richard Chew reaffirms the RA's opposition to redeveloping the golf course and reminds folks that the RA's gotten lawyered up to fight it. He's followed by RCA President Colin Mills.

Here's what you've all been waiting for. Skip ahead to 5:45 for a vaguely familiar conversation with an empty chair:

AWESOME. There's also a joke about a Playboy club at the Vatican, complete with a credible Father Guido Sarducci impression, but we'll let you look for that one yourselves, the end.


  1. I haven't seen so many high energy Haight-Ashbury holdover hippie groovin''I see white people' protestors at a music concert since I attended a Bob Dylan concert rally that protested the milking of underage undocumented illegal alien cows for purpose of using their milk to make ice cream that was held in front of a Ben & Jerry's located in Vermont. I thought Reston was more diverse than what's portrayed in these videos. Obviously, the Census Bureau is lying to us about all this diversity thing that's supposedly going on in Reston. Either that, or maybe the stereotype that only high income white people live around golf courses in high income unincorporated towns is true. By the way, is the dude with the Jethro Tull beard sitting in the background of the middle video preparing to light up a bong? Keep on Truckin', Man! I think he's a ex-member of the Marshall Tucker Band.

  2. They didn't video my torch and pitchfork!

  3. Rose By Another NameOctober 3, 2012 at 12:14 AM

    The Fortunate View with Fairway Views did a credible job with their Saturday rally. Good for them.
    Personally, I have often walked the pathways thru the golf courses, dodging errant (?) balls from angry golfers, while speculating to myself regarding how many McMansions and high-end townhomes I could fit on the site after regrading. I would even include an tennis facility with several outdoor and enclosed, indoor courts as well as a private swimming club with amentities on one portion of the site. Alas, the Quiet Company quietly beat me to it, hah! Seriously...

  4. Oh geez, the redevelopment of that stupid golf course cannot come quickly enough. Get rid of that open space and those ugly green shirts!

  5. Who can trust the Hunter Mill Supervisor? We've heard that before and later on has turned her back against Reston.

  6. The Clint Eastwood empty chair joke was dumb when Eastwood did it. How on earth did Pinkman think that it would be funny this time around? He wasn't even spoofing Clint Eastwood, just trying to do the same thing. I'm against redevelopment of the golf course, but that was absolutely nauseating.

    1. I actually thought it was pretty funny. And appropriate, given the silence of the "Quiet Company."

  7. You got some mad bollard photoshop skillz there, Restonian.

  8. I'd like to see the golf course converted to soccer fields.

    To quote Caddieshack: "Golf courses and cemeteries are the biggest wastes of prime real estate."


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