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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

At Lake Anne, It's Not Easy Being Green

The unseasonably warm weather appears to be taking its toll on Lake Anne. On the plus side, an entrepreneur could try bottling this stuff and selling it as "green tea." As for us, we think we found the perfect location to shoot the opening scene of our soon-to-be-released feature film, The Creature from the Earth-Toned Lagoon.

We're thinking of matting and framing this one and selling it as art. Or, we should probably say, "art."


  1. I don't think this is algae that has taken over Lake Anne.

    No, I rather suspect that the green color is a result of Cathy Hudgins having accidently tripped and fallen into the lake after having consumed multiple glasses of wine and dinner at Cafe Montmartre paid for a the owners of the Reston National Golf Course. After falling into the lake the wad of cash stuffed in her bra began to leech its ink into the water. There's probably enough colorless cash at the bottom of the lake to pay for an Operation Rescue Reston's Aborted Golf Course fundraiser on Halloween night. The rich kids that live around the golf course could dress up as Syrian refugees holding signs that read 'Imagine Golf Course Peace' while chanting Nobel prize winning poetry by Yoko Ono. The leadership of Operation Rescue Reston's Aborted Golf Course should immediately hire some scuba diver certified lawyers to dive to the bottom of Lake Anne and retrieve that cash treasure trove. Hey, they might even find a the soggy bottom copy of the secret agreement between Hudgins and Reston National Golf Course that stipulates her advance support for the redevelopment of the golf course with the provision that 800 workforce housing units be included in the project.

  2. Just think of it as "public art". Better than some I've seen -- and certainly very affordable.

  3. Psychedelic, man! Looks like something I saw during the light show at the last Grateful Dead concert ...

  4. Puts a new(& somewhat disgusting) twist on the idea that Reston is a "green community."

  5. It's the seaweed and algae bisque special at the Jasmine Cafe.
    By the way, did anyone notice that the WAPO food critic had no recommendations for eating at the Reston Town Center in Thursday's 10/25/02 paper? Apparently, he doesn't get out here very often seeing as how neither the Macoroni Grill nor Jackson's Fine Foods & Fake Biker Bar aren't sufficient motivation for him to travel out to Fairfax County...

  6. Wow, Mean Daddy you're kind of an ass; and you're not funny.


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