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Monday, September 24, 2012

Yet Another Storm Rains on Yet Another Parade

Behold, at least from a great distance, the scene of carnage after yet another microburst whipped through Lake Anne Plaza towards the end of Saturday's Reston Multicultural Festival. Our eyewitness writes:
A sudden downpour and violent winds abruptly ended a concert on Lake Anne Plaza. The sudden wind gusts caused a portion of the tent covering the stage to collapse onto the seating area as people ran screaming for cover. The concert was part of the 2012 Reston Multicultural Festival.

Oh, the humanity! When will they learn -- it always rains on the Reston Multicultural Festival.
The freaky weather just keeps getting freakier.


  1. As soon as the members of the National Security Council determine the cause of death of the Baby Panda I'm sure they'll move right on to investigating the conspiratorial weather patterns that seem to always rain out the Reston Multicultural Festival.

    Also, by Reston standards can one claim to be multicultural if one drives Mercedes? Claiming to be German by car proxy is the new claiming to be Irish by drinking green beer on St. Paddy's Day.

  2. Real Irishmen drink Jameson, MDD, You Prostest Scum.

  3. What, no rainbow appeared over the rainbow coalition?


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