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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Some Day, You'll Tell Your Grandkids About The Great Macaroni Grill Blockade of Ought-12


Confidential Twitter Operative "Tom" sent us this SHOCKING cellular telephone photo of a barricade at Reston Spectrum, apparently erected to keep people away from the cheese-loaded goodness of the Macaroni Grill. Not since the Cuban Missile Crisis has a blockade made us so nervous. Or maybe that's just our cholesterol-laden bloodstream anticipating the carb withdrawal.

"Oh noes!" exclaimed Twitter Operative "Tom." There are no words -- except maybe those two.


  1. According to the Public Advocate's web site the above parking lot was blocked off by the Log Cabin Republicans as part of a block party being held by Northern Virginian Gay Right Wing Nut Jobs to honor their most famous closeted Northern Virginian Gay Right Wing Nut Job Euguene Delgaudio's 30 year 'marriage', or as the French would say, Mariage Blanc, to his 'wife'.

    From Eugene's web site:

    I would not be supervisor without the support of many people. The first person I asked was my wife, Sheila and her support as my wife makes my opportunity to serve possible. Together we celebrate 30 years of marriage this Fall.

    I am sharing this anniversary and ask you to join me in celebrating at my 30th Anniversary Party Wednesday, September 19, at Joes at 7 p.m.

    I first met Sheila in 1981 when Ronald Reagan became President and she worked for him in the White House. We both worked long hours and promoting tax cuts and spending reductions in government. We made wedding vows and worked ever since to raise a family and work for a better Sterling and America.

    Some liberals hate me, Sterling and especially hate my wife Sheila.

    The people of Sterling support conservative leadership, lower taxes, responsive government, accountable leaders and less regulation and anti-social policies that attack the family.

  2. Everyone can get free cheesy good food there tomorrow (9/28/12):

    Maybe that sad-looking "blockade" is just a rehearsal for 'morrow?


  3. Liberals don't hate Eugene the Supervisor (although we think he sucks). Liberals hate Eugene the guy who profits from making things up about gay people.

    I think he's confusing his email addresses again.

  4. Perhaps apropos that his do is in Restaurant 9 from Outer Space?

  5. If the Macaroni Grill goes (or is it "when"), can the rest of Reston not be far behind?

    It's a sign--literally and figuratively.

    Are you ready?

  6. Rumor has it that the developers and pro-Arlingtonization residents are having a counter-rally on Saturday at that site. While all the tree huggers are down on the corner of SR Valley and Reston Parkway, the Wannabe Bethesdans will be arming themselves with breadsticks and meatballs, and will flog the "we're fine just the way we are" crowd mericlessly with their limp noodles.

  7. Shouldn't the Doomsday Clock be revised at this point? I have never actually seen one strike midnight and have been hoping this one would for quite a while. As a former employee of Macaroni Grill (different location/lifetime) it would be good to see one go down.


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