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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Meanwhile, in the Anti-Reston: Herndon Apparently 'Pulsing on the Edge of Fairfax County'

evil spock.jpegIt's been a while since we've checked in with our neighbors to the west, but it sounds like they've been busy developing a "brand initiative" for Herndon, which includes a description of the town as "pulsing on the edge of Fairfax County."

All together now: EWWWWWWW.

Here's the full "positioning statement" developed for the town council by consultants:

“A next generation small town pulses on the edge of Fairfax County. Turn off the highway and find yourself in a place that welcomes innovators, risk-takers, history seekers and family-keepers. This is where the roots of history help to grow the ideas of tomorrow."
And please to be enjoying the town's new logo "word mark":

Herndon mark.jpg
Not bad. The line above the "on" in "Herndon" is meant to be reused in other ways, like "lunch is on" or "on point." It's the kind of thing would-be Don Drapers live for.

But here's where you can tell we're not in Reston anymore, Toto:
The main colors for the new logo will be gray and red—colors that struck a cord with Herndon residents, as red is the color of Herndon High and Middle Schools. Alternate colors that may be used in the “on” marketing include purple, fuchsia, blue, green, yellow and orange. (our emphasis)
Can we as Restonians stand by when such affronts to our DRB-approved color palette as "fuchsia" taunt us and our regimented way of life from across Fairfax County Parkway?


We think not.


  1. "...a place that welcomes innovators, risk-takers, history seekers and family-keepers."

    Or as some folks call them - day laborers.

  2. Chuckle as we might -- the fact is that, unlike Rest_on, they are at least a REAL TOWN.

  3. 'Pulsing on the edge' is incorporated small town talk that means encouraging the local 5-0 to stop and harass 10-15 Spanish speaking car drivers pulled over for broken taillights for every 1 high income Herndon redneck robbed in the parking lot at K-Mart. 'Pulsing on the edge' is a way of reminding the declining white population of Herndon that the police still has a lid on the changing demographics.

    Hey, it's pretty interesting that the same German propoganda adversiting firm that promoted the 'live, work and play' features of Auschwitz has been retained as propoganda consultant for Herndon.

    “A next generation small town pulses on the edge of Fairfax County by harassing the hell out of illegal immigrants that clean the bathrooms of Herdon's 1%. Turn off the highway, after being financially raped by the Toll Road Booth, and find yourself in a place that welcomes innovators of creative day labor centers, risk-takers that like to walk alone along Herndon's fascinatingly dangerous Sugarland Run Trail, history seekers that like to seek history because, well, because they don't really anything about how to actually PRESERVE history and family-keepers, who are...well...uh...who are illegal immigrant Spanish-speaking women who family-keep the spoiled children of Herndon's 1%. This is where the non-Afro roots of Northern Virginia's post-Confederate history help to grow the right wing white-bread ideas of tomorrow."

  4. Oh, cut Herndon some slack. Even this stupid "web log," or whatever, has stopped with the implied racism.

  5. We should follow their lead. It is time for Reston to become the

    City of Reston!

  6. They paid money for that logo?

    How long will it be before some wag realized the visual separation of "Hernd" and "on" leads to an off-color pun?


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