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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Caddyshackpocalypse Now: Saturday Rally to Dissuade Multinational Conglomerate

You Scratched My Anchor.jpegHey, golf fans! Put next Saturday on your calendar, as it will be an excellent time to hit the links a parking lot across the street from Reston National Golf Course to protest plans to redevelop the property by a giant investment firm.

The biggest surprise about this rally is one of the speakers on the guest list: Hunter Mill Supervisor Cathy Hudgins. Given her pro-development reputation (and recent vote), it's encouraging to see her lend support to this group.

Here's the flyer for the rally:



Other speakers include representatives of the Reston Association and Reston Citizens Association, so it appears all the talk about a united front continues to hold true. Hopefully this kind of public activity will send a message, but we think that these groups were smart to get lawyered up as well.


  1. She's going to be there in order to take names to add to the County *hit list. It's already a pretty long list already, but there's always room for more.

  2. I'll bring my torch and pitchfork.

  3. "May the odds be ever in your favor." -- Cathy "President Snow" Hudgins to the tribute victims of the District 12 Reston National Golf Course Community.

    Saying that the United Front has lawyered up is a little bit like saying George Armstrong Custer had competent back up at the Battle of Little Big Horn.

    The victorious Indian chiefs after the Battle of Little Big Horn ordered some t-shirts from Cafe Press that had a photograph of all of them sitting atop their horses holding bows and arrows with bold text printed above the photo that read as follows:


    It's going to be a Saturday afternoon mantinee massacare wonder watching the 3rd tier lawyers representing the United Front get scalped.

    1. I'll be there. Shouldn't be too hard to find me either. I'll be the one wearing the yellow bandana.

      Go 7th Cav!

  4. The weather channel predicts RAIN for Saturday. Bring an umbrella just in case!

  5. I support the Quiet Company and property rights. Hopefully the has-been golf course will be redeveloped quickly WITHOUT any subsidized housing.

    The nonsense some of these bozos are claiming and alleging about views and lot premiums --- their deeds tell all -- so it's either on the deed or it's nonsense. Bring on the bulldozers -- they are nearly done at Park Reston.

    Then develop next: the eyesores along Sunrise Valley, the so-called "international" center, and, especially Sunset Hills. I've been in third-world countries with far more attractive and functional buildings.

    We bought a piece of Reston property next to a perennial stream----being told by the agent that it would never change (say anything to sell).

    Then Hudgins came in, without notice to any of us, chopped every living tree and bush down, installed a swamp, planted dead trees and large white rocks, and now all we have are mosquitoes, dead plants and rocky bare earth. We are sure the land rape cost millions, but our neighbors just dropped the sales price of their house by $50k because of the mosquito-infested cesspool now in their backyard.

  6. Could Hudgins' apparent switcharoo be due to a case of dueling developers?

    The developer who had been banking on redeveloping those 15 townhouse clusters on the golf course with high-rises is probably really peeved his turf has been violated. Perhaps he has more political clout than Northwestern Mutual Life.

    Poor Hudgins in the middle. She has to weigh the years it will take to crush Rescue Reston over the golf course redevelopment against the time it will take to buy their clusters out.

    So Hudgins makes a show of standing by Rescue Reston. She makes one developer happy. The people think they won. This buys her some time.

    Should be a fun time. Yes, I'll bring the umbrella.

  7. Very sneaky, Restonian. At first, I didn't see the fanciful concrete bollard you hid in that picture.

  8. WTF is with these comments?


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