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Friday, September 21, 2012

A Long Day's Journey Into Night, As Consumers Line Up to Consume Another Consumer Product

By some accounts, more than 200 people consumers lined up at Reston Town Center this morning for the release of yet another life-changing magical device. As a shareholder of Apple -- whose stock has done slightly better of late than the much-anticipated IPO of Restonian Amalgated Web Logs and Extruded Pork Products Ltd. (NASDAQ: MAUVE) -- we salute you!

9 p.m. last night.
Haters gonna hate. Consumers gonna consume.


The scene at around 2 a.m., according to this Instagrammer. The low-fi Instagram filters give this the look of a Hopper painting; let's call it Nightgeeks.

Morning has broken. Wonder how many people lost their resolve and jumped out of line for breakfast at Clyde's.

almost there.jpeg
Almost there!


Finally, the acolytes prepare to open the temple doors so the teeming masses can enter. Excelsior!

And here's what they've all been waiting for:



  1. How were the lines at "The Shack"? The "iLunchbox" phone is indeed awesome!

  2. I saw a film at RTC earlier this afternoon. There had already been 6 children conceived by iPhone buyers standing in line. Thank god for Apple's most popular fertility app.

  3. Some people REALLY need to get a life, not a new cell phone!

  4. Just wait...Samsung Galaxy 3 is already a more than competitive device. Minor technicalities such as a legal dispute over patents (rounded rectangles? puh-leeze!)will eventually be largely resolved in Samsung's favor. RIM will reinvent itself (much as Apple did ) and will rise again with a new device to compete against the IPhone. Eventually, ppl will rebel against the closed system of Apple and be liberated from the tyranny of Steve Jobs and his minions.

  5. Apple Fan Boys. Sheesh.

    (Disclaimer: I own a 4S. When given the choice between sleeping with my wife or standing in line all night to get a new phone that will be cheaper in a few months, well, you do the arithmetic.)


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