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Monday, July 9, 2012

One Way to Handle the Heat, Loss of Power, Uneasy Feeling That Our Civic Institutions Are Crumbling: Cookies! (Reader Tips)

What do you do when the temperature is in the low hundreds and the power's been out for days? You could use the last remaining moments of battery power in your fancy "smart phone" to post angry screeds on a fancy "web log," or you could adapt to your surroundings. First stop: that car which you can't drive because you have no gas and the gas station has no power. Sure, it's probably a little too warm to use as an al fresco living room, but that's okay!

Confidential Restonian Operative "Mary Anne" shared these fancy photos of what we'll boldly predict will be the Next Big Thing after the nation's infrastructure crumbles when the next freak 15-minute storm results in days of lost power: Car baking!



Mmm. Be sure to share with the angry mobs utility contractors!


  1. It's so hot that the Reston-based MERS (Mortgage Registration Electronic Systems) is cooking their books on a piece of Reston-based foreclosed asphalt alongside a fried egg for breakfast.

    Get it? Cooking their books? As in LITERALLY cooking their books?

  2. Wow! I think that deserves the award for "green" baking and saving the environment!

  3. I think there's some mass media rule stating that whenever there's a heat wave, they must do a human interest story showing some reporter trying to bake cookies in a car.

    I believe it's the same list of rules that require a story about a reporter standing in a wind tunnel to show what a hurricane is like whenever lots of hurricanes hit (though seeing a reporter faceplant in a wind tunnel is way more entertaining).

  4. Wow -- REstonian is now "mass media".
    Lighten up Scotty. Not everything has to be serious.

  5. Don't get your panties in a pinch, I was just making a general comment about the media all the "baking cookies in cars" stories that have been aired lately.

    Geez, get a sense of humor.

  6. Restonian neither has mass nor is media. Discuss.

  7. Peasant From Less Sought After South RestonJuly 9, 2012 at 12:55 PM

    Hey, what happened to the other obligatory news story about summer heat waves -- frying an egg on the sidewalk? This being Reston, the egg would of course have to be from an organically fed, free-range, locavore-certified chicken.

    Which leads to a contest for faithful Restonian readers to come up with the best answer for the following question:

    Why did the organically fed, free-range, locavore-certified chicken cross the Dulles Toll Road in Reston?

  8. To get to "Hendon"?

  9. Let's actually bake cookies on the dashboard! here are the instructions --


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