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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Second Most Embarrassing Story to Come Out of the Reston Zoo This Week, Following One Crazy Night (Even By Reston Standards)

Zoo Shocker.jpg
Alert Twitter Operative "Mr. OhSoFly" shared this exciting photo of goats? -- we think they're goats, anyway -- on a rampage after escaping from the Reston Zoo last night. Probably not what the zoo needed following the arrest of its director on animal cruelty charges after an investigation that began back in February. Here's some Action McNews footage if you're into such things:

Hey, would you like to see another Action McNews story about a frostbitten spider monkey? Of course you would!

But loose animals weren't the only odd things afoot in Reston last night. There was a robbery at the gas station across from Lake Anne Village Center, a major accident in South Reston, and, apparently, some kind of fire at one of our favorite fry pits eateries. Fortunately, if the Twitter machine is any indication, we Restonians took it all in stride.

Bad juju1.jpgStill more Reston weirdness.jpg
Keep calm and carry on, Restonians!


  1. In a cynical failed public relations effort to rebuild credibility with its world-wide fan base, the Reston Zoo announced that sacrficial goats would be slaughtered in honor of hosting Egypt's new Muslim Brotherhood President at the dedication of Reston Zoo's new P.E.T.A.-sponsored Fine Young Cannibals Animal Columbarium, which is also state-approved as a final repository of urns bearing the ashes of Reston's founding pioneers citizens. The goats, however, were having none of that and sought immediate refuge at the nearest diplomatic mission: the Reston home of the Consulate General from Zanzibar.

  2. Why couldn't it have been Carrabba's that caught fire?

  3. Peasant From Less Sought After South RestonJune 27, 2012 at 4:31 PM

    That photo of the goats brings back memories of the Peasant's sojourn years ago in the nether regions of the Balkans whilst in the employ of Uncle Sam. Travelling the backroads of Bosnia with Mrs. Peasant and our faithful Man Friday Mr. Sutko, we happened upon a small zoo in the town of Doboj that could have been the clone of the Reston Zoo. As we wandered about in this zoological garden of earthly delights, a herd of young goats came ambling towards us, much to the consternation of Mrs. Peasant, who thought said goats were about to commit mayhem upon us. We escaped the legendary Killer Goats of Doboj intact, much as we hope alert Twitter operative Mr. OhSoFly did last night after photographing these demonic minions of Satan.

  4. Can someone confirm/deny the Chik-Fil-A fire?

  5. In Fairfax county, when an established merchant suddenly gets hit with a bunch of violations, it means a developer wants his land. Please remember that last time Reston Zoo got smacked, last time Reston Farm Market (the one on Baron Cameron) got smacked, half their acreages ended up as new, modern eyesores.

    The only one I can recall successfully resisting the bureaucratic assault is the dude who owns the driving range on Hunter Mill. He had to spend many weeks in the hoosegow over a zoning "violation," until the Washington Post embarrassed the county supervisors into cutting him lose.

    Restonian, perhaps you should start a countdown clock for the Reston Zoo.


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