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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Breaking: Arrest Made in Winterthur Murder

Fairfax Police have made an arrest in last weekend's murder of Bharat P. Patel at Winterthur Apartments in South Reston.

Detectives arrested Abir Ali, 20, of Prince George’s County, Maryland for the homicide of Bharat P. Patel. The arrest occurred at noon on Thursday, June 14, following a search of his home. Ali is being held by the Office of the Sheriff in Prince George’s County.
Police have not made a mug shot or other details available.

Update: Channel 4 had this additional nugget about Ali:
Patel was originally from India. The Dunkin' Donuts he co-owned had opened four days earlier. He and his wife had both worked at the shop until closing Friday night. When she went into their apartment, he stayed outside to talk to someone.

Ali was known to the Patels. He helped them with the opening of the Dunkin' Donuts.

And here's some Action McNews footage, mostly B-roll:

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  1. Se ends the manhunt. But I will always remember as, "The week without a speed trap." My 6-mile commute is back to its daily speed trap this week.

    Still, kudos to FCPD for actually putting aside their revenue goals to bag a murderer. Now if only they don't botch the chain of evidence...


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