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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Airplane Carrying Space Glider Flies Near, If Not Directly Over, Reston

This Twitter photo from an office in Reston captures the excitement of Space Shuttle Discovery's DC flyover. Here's a better one of Discovery buzzing Reston Town Center from the teevee:

TV shuttle.jpg
This photo from the Twitters was taken from one of those same buildings. Nice!

Of course, the nerds safety-conscious staff of some of Reston's office buildings had to spoil the fun:


And in a RESTONIAN WORLD EXCLUSIVE, please enjoy this breathtaking footage of the shuttle landing:



    First, we have a metro construction along the DTR. Second, we have strange lights at Lake Anne. Now, we have space ships along the toll road. What's next? A sign of the Apocalypse or just impending arrival of an alien constructor fleet?

    Hey, Ford, whaddya say we go down to the local bar for some beer and peanuts? Just let me grab our towels, the Convictress and the Delinquents and we'll be ready to go.

  2. Flyover? Someone should have told them to get a room.

  3. You used my photo (third one)! This is the break I've always needed, I'll be famous in no time! Do I get a free lifetime supply of mauve paint now? Pleeeeeeze?

  4. My son was pleased as punch to see the space shuttle flying over his school. Too bad this may be the last time he sees anything from NASA in the air.

  5. Da plane, boss! Da plane!
    Welcome to Reston. The mauve and russet brown paradise!

  6. Klaatu barada nikto, Gort.

  7. Not so fast SoTB, NASA has plenty going on:|topnews|text|Eastern Shore News


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