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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Nine Best Parts of the Great Purple Sage Cluster Meeting Pepper Spraying of Ought-12, In No Particular Order

Chilis.jpegThe entire sordid tale of a North Reston cluster meeting gone very, very bad is a must-read. Here are a few snippets from the Patch article to whet your appetites.

9. "Illegal use of gas" is a felony. (The police should set up checkpoints outside of On the Border.)

8. "You can't always get people on a board to agree, but you can get them to agree to disagree and come to a compromise."

7. (no relation to the Virginia congressman with the same name)

6. The animals he was trapping were feral cats who were causing property damage and health risks to the neighborhood.

5. The couple - who can often be seen around Reston with their trained parakeet, Cody, who shows off his skills by donning a Superman cape and riding around in a remote-control Jeep - did neighborly things.

4. "I believe that the most interesting part of this story is how our board sat silently, enabling such escalation to occur."

3. Reston Association says that the Purple Sage incident was the first time a cluster meeting resulted in violence and criminal charges. RA CEO Milton Matthews says that RA does not get involved in internal affairs of individual clusters as they are under their own governance.

2. Even with his resignation, the residents voted him out anyway, 31-3.

1. "The neighborhood smells like cat pee."


  1. Peasant From Less Sought After South RestonMarch 27, 2012 at 1:05 PM

    Sought After North Reston...the new 'hood!

  2. Take away their Volvos. Not the Reston sort.


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