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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Metro Fiasco: Could the Silver Line Be Slowed Down By Smut?

Reston tracks.jpeg

Our Facebook BFFs at the Reston Association shared this exciting photo of actual tracks being laid right up to the Wiehle Avenue Metro station, forever dashing our hopes that the high retaining walls meant that the Silver Line might be repurposed into the world's most expensive log flume. But still very exciting! Meanwhile, as Fairfax County holds public hearings on whether Wiehle will become a permanent parking lot Phase 2 of the Silver Line, our BBFs at Reston2020 have a few things to say about projected increases in Toll Road fares.

But the greatest threat to the Silver Line might not come from cash-strapped local governments or quarter-hoarding motorists. Instead, a purveyor of a "couples boutique" has had it up to here with disruptions to his thriving business in cosmopolitan, walkable Tysons Corner.
John Kenney, owner of the MVC Couples Boutique, said a 33-foot driveway is at the heart of a heated dispute between him and officials behind the Dulles Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority project.

"For three years now, we've dealt with Metro just bullying us around and taking advantage of our parking lot," Kenney said.

Kenney alleges his business is taking a serious hit because of construction crews blocking nearly half of the drive to his doorstep, a portion of pavement he said is "private." Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority officials disagree.

Since the walls went up, employees have called police to try and have the crews removed for trespassing, but those efforts were fruitless.

Kenney said he has a court order from 1981 stating the driveway is private, but Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority say they have a right to use it while construction is underway. Both sides say they plan to let their lawyers handle it.
We have a humble suggestion of our own. We know a relatively traffic-free spot far from the maddening crowds and construction of Tysons that just might be perfect for an establishment of that ilk, the end.


  1. MVC isn't exactly the kind of store one happens upon and decides he'll just have a peak inside. Besides, what does Kenney really have to complain about? Metro actually brought a large constituency of MVC's target market to his doorstep! You think you're doing someone a favor...

  2. The answer is really quite simple. Everytime you see Metro vehicles blocking your driveway, get in your car and try to get out of the driveway. If you are not able, ask them to move their vehicles.

    If they move the vehicle just long enough for you to get out, then I suggest that you immediately put your vehicle back in the driveway.

    It costs Metro a heck of a lot more to have somebody constantly shuffling vehicles out of your way than it does for you to drive your vehicle the 20 feet into and out of the driveway.

    (Note: To the best of my knowledge, I have never been to MVC and have absolutely no knowledge where MVC is located.


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