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Friday, March 9, 2012

Like a Black Fly in Your Chardonnay: RA's Dogwood Pool Delays Due To Someone Else's Review Process

Here's the latest on the Dogwood Pool renovations, which have been pushed back to a mid-summer reopening.

Reston Association had hoped that renovations, which had been slated to start in December 201, would be completed in time to open with the rest of the pools by Memorial Day weekend 2012. But it is now March, and the renovations have not yet started.

"Much of the latest delay is with Fairfax County's review process," said RA Parks and Recreation Director Larry Butler. "We have had some back and forth with the County Attorney's office on some easement language, which is one of the last items we need to get final sign-off on the site plan. After the site plan is signed-off, we can then submit for our entrance permit from VDOT to start the work."
In other words, RA's project has been delayed by arbitrary disputes over wording and language in someone else's review process?

There are no words. Just mid-90s faux-alternative vaguely edgy Canadian pop-rock:


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