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Friday, January 6, 2012

Things That Make You Go Hmmm... Police Activity Closes Glade, While the True Tragedy is at RTC (Updated)

police activity.jpg

Nice of them to let us know when whatever's going on is going to be over.

More information:


Turns out it was just some traffic light changy thing... we think. But our BFFs at Patch have sussed out the real tragedy/outrage of the day, across town at the Gritty Urban Core:

Owly Images

There are no words. A Fake Downtown with only four places to get frozen yogurt is hardly a Fake Downtown at all.


  1. What was happening was they were switching from the old set of traffic lights to the new set. Traffic moved through the intersection, but I saw some backups due to single laning and turn lanes were often closed.

  2. So long as one can still frequent their choice of cupcakery, There Still Is Hope.

  3. A 4-letter word for "franchise"?

  4. Now I'm p.o.'ed. I have two $10 vouchers from Living Social that are supposed to be good at this place until 06 Mar 12. Guess I'm going to have to ask for a refund.

  5. "There are no words".

    Y - almost invisible O - gurt - fr u-with-an-umlaut - z

    Yep, there are no words there.

  6. I admit I'm sad about Yogen Fruz. Where else can I find delicious, plump raspberries that my children refuse to eat on their frozen yogurt so I have to?

  7. Let's hope that this accursed section of RTC can pull in a business that does not close immediately. Wrapworks is gone, Marvelous Market changed their theme to burgers (good product, no seating... requires warm weather for outdoor dining), and the cigar shop moved around the corner (probably a good idea, as the skating patrons get a bit lightheaded from the perfumed smoke). As for yogenfruz, the stupid name was enough to prevent patronage, but one would think that the location would draw enough business. Is it possible that RTC has too many frozen treats? I'm partial to that Pitango place with the fancy gelato. That's Italian for "overpriced ice cream, worth the premium."


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