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Thursday, January 12, 2012

On The YouTubes: We Watch The Reston Association Videos So You Don't Have To

What better way to shake off the post-holiday blues than turning on the YouTube machine and seeing calming footage of two ducks foraging for bottomfeeders? January's edition of Reston Today is here bright and early, Andy Sigle throwing caution and cold weather to the wind by wearing a nappy suit sans jacket.

(Actually, we strongly suspect that some of the segments were filmed earlier in the year, but that discovery isn't quite on the same level as seeing an extra wearing a wristwatch in Ben-Hur.)

But we digress. RA Board Vice President Paul Thomas stands before the Great Hole of Reston to update us on the Master Plan. Phase 1 scenarios "are being tested by county staff" and after drafts are presented to the task force early this year, the "task force will have more time to work on phase 1." As for Phase 2, which gets into the nitty gritty of village centers and the rest of Reston, "this next phase will be very important to our community," Thomas says, as the screen flashes lots of graphics of sinews and whatnot.

Next up, the RA apparently tries to create a viral YouTube sensation with some video of cute kitties, except they ruin it right away by using the very non-viral term "best practices." The message? Don't let your cat roam outside.

Then Andy's back out on a continuity-error-prone warm day to talk about the (seriously great) RA Camps. Apparently if you send your kids to the camps, one day they could become "an RA executive vice president." Way to dream! But fast-forward to 4:05 in the video, and you'll see the strangest thing ever in the background of one of these RA videos. Check out our grainy Zapruder footage:


Spontaneous twirling!

And with that, another 5 minutes and 43 seconds of our lives are irrevocably gone, much like the short days and long nights of January serving as yet another reminder of our fleeting mortality. Happy Thursday!

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