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Saturday, December 17, 2011

NBC News: Fate of Nation's Economy Rests on Reston Town Center, Or Something

After offering you a lozenge, your grandparents might mention they just saw something about "that Reston place" on the NBC Nightly News, a collection of "content" between the pharmaceutical ads that air right before Wheel of Fortune and the other game shows. Turns out that the national news program selected our very own Fake Downtown Gritty Urban Core to talk about the fate of the nation's economy in this, the most important time of the year for retailers, and by extension, the entire future of this American experiment in democracy. So no pressure or anything, but the next time you stop by RTC for some Starbucks or something, you might want to spring for an extra iPod or six, the end.


  1. Thomas Paine In The AssDecember 17, 2011 at 1:41 PM

    Hope Tom Costello of NBC News got all his permits in order before filimg there! From a November 16, 2007, posting in Restonian by someone who tried to take a picture there:

    "The entire complex is controlled by a single, giant property management corporation. In the case of Reston Town Center, that corporation is named Equity Office. And Equity Office doesn't allow anyone to take a picture on their private property without prior approval... and the documentation to prove it.

    ... Pull out a tripod and look for the best spot to photograph the scene, and those polite, friendly Reston Town Center guards will be quick to stand in your way. Quick to radio the security office. Quick to tell you sorry, but picture-taking is not allowed without advance written permission. Would you like to fill out a form and come back tomorrow?"

  2. Did you catch a glimpse of the topless black guy walking down the sidewalk in the background behind the codger in Santa Monica wearing the red knit cap?

    This Super Saturday, I did get pictures of the Delinquents with Santa but other than that, it was Bah-Humbug Retail weekend on my cell block. Maybe I should put one of those fancy skeleton Santa's out in front of the house. Do you think RA would mind?

  3. Personally, I thought it was odd that Tom Costello didn't refer to the economy as "poopy pants."


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