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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wiehle Avenue Metro Color Palette Revealed, Not Exactly Huge Shock

Wiehle Metro2.jpeg

Right-thinking Twitter Operative "P5K6" sent us this photo of the Wiehle Avenue Metro station construction, noting that the one exterior wall rising from the concrete superstructure appears to be within appropriate earth-toned standards -- somewhere between Russet Brown and Toasted Chestnut on the color wheel, if you ask us. So while the Silver Line project has drawn the ire of everyone from lawmakers to the Reston Citizens Association, we can sleep well knowing it won't also fall afoul of the DRB, the end.


  1. The new metro stops in Tyson's will probably something slick and architecturally cool. The brick chosen for the first Reston stop couldn't be more hideous.

  2. I look forward to riding the silver line from Reston to DC.

    But it's too far to walk from my house. And Fairfax dropped the connector bus.

    I could drive to Whiele, but the parking lot will be full by 8:00. A taxi? I hate to think what the meter will read after sitting in the permanant traffic jam around the Whiele station.

    #$%^ it, I'll drive to DC.

  3. No place is too far to walk if you have enough time.


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