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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Reston's Film Festival: Like Sundance, Only More Earth-Toned

So Reston is hosting a film festival! That's seriously exciting news, although it sounds like most of the movies on this first go-around of the Washington West Film Festival are dour fancypants documentaries that don't exactly reflect the zeitgeist of our beloved community. Since we're always here to help, we've come up with some juried selections for an authentic Reston Film Festival, courtesy of our BFFs at YouTube:

Homeowners Jury Prize:

Soapstone/Lawyers Road Jury Prize:

Jacksons/Gritty Urban Core Jury Prize:

Sprint/Nextel/Sallie Mae Corporate Relocation Jury Prize:

DRB Covenant Hearing Jury Prize:

The Transit Oriented Development of the Future Jury Prize:

You're welcome.


  1. Will they be showing "Debbie Does the DRB"?

  2. How on earth did you miss this? It definitely captures the zeitgeist, as you say:

  3. I can't wait to see the terrifying horror film "The House At The End of Cutwater Court."

  4. What? No "Groundhog Day"?

  5. Certainly an impressive line up of films! I think I sugested in a previous campaign to have a film festival or more films in the theater/stage section at RCC. Wouldn't it be cool to have continious films there 24 hours a day? Although Leila wouldn't me to bring my canoe in. On canoe building, l may have finally found a place to teach canoe building at Culinaria cooking school in Vienna. After butting my head against the wall at RCC. Really cool folks there at Cullinaria where I am sharpening every first and second Fridays.-Rod


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