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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Indoor Tennis Back on the Table

TennisX_030310_rgb.jpgThe Reston Association Board will once again consider a proposed $3.8 million indoor tennis complex at Lake Newport when it meets Thursday. In the planning stages since 2009, moving forward with the proposal will require the board to authorize a $75,000 referendum on the project as part of its budget deliberations for the upcoming year. A majority of Reston homeowners would have to approve the project in order for it to move forward.

The RA appears to have backed away from the idea of a larger $15.8 million bond package that would fund a broader range of improvements. Instead, it is looking at three financing proposals for the facility itself.

In a fancy, if not statistically accurate, online survey our BFFs at Patch conducted recently, a slim majority backed the idea of indoor tennis.

The RA Board meets at 7pm Thursday. The RA has more information on the project, including a boatload of presentations, here.


  1. When I was a youngster, I went to see every one of the old "monster" movies many, many times over. Frankenstein, The Bride of Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolfman, on and on -- I loved them all. They were just "B" movies, but there was one thing that every eight-year-old soon learned from watching them -- BAD NEVER DIES. You can knock it down, beat it to a bloody pulp, dowse it with gasoline and set it on fire -- but, as soon as you turn your back, it starts twitching and slowly stands up to come back for more.

    I'm just sayin.

  2. sooo..would that make it Table Tennis?

    $3.8 million buys you plenty of ping pong balls....

  3. And here we go again... I pay each year higher assessments and I get less value out of it. And more crazy is their CEO makes over $180,000 a year. Money that could be wisely be spent on something else for the little we get.

  4. I think they just can't stand that Herndon has indoor tennis courts and we don't.

  5. If you have concerns about the indoor tennis center, please attend this evening's RA Board meeting and voice your opinion (3 minutes/person at the beginning of the meeting). I'm sure the advocates for the center will be there speaking up. Those opposed ought also attend and make their views known--or be satisfied with the Board's decision.

  6. Terry --

    Good point, but bear in mind that tonight is not the final decision on the complex. At the most, they'll consider whether to go ahead and spend the 75K on the Reston-wide referendum. They may not even do that.

  7. I still am more inclined to support the Roller Derby atop the Macaroni Grill. We need to start the petition soon.


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