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Monday, October 31, 2011

Flashback Monday: The Original Silver Line

Original Silver Line.jpeg

Please to be enjoying this exciting photo of the original Pink Silver Line, better known as the W&OD, arriving at Sunset Hills Drive (view full size here). No word, though, if the interior of that unassuming white clapboard station was decorated with rad '80s art -- by which we mean rad 1880s art, maybe a couple of nice daguerreotypes of dudes with sweet handlebar mustaches or something.


  1. Look how young the trees were then. The whole area was said to be logged around the turn of the century. Was there a date with this photo? 1940s?

  2. That's a diesel engine, Anon. Notice the tower for the high-tension line.

    When I started to become aware of Reston in the '60's that whole area (you're looking over Old Reston Ave back towards Reston Parkway and The Abomination before they existed) this area was all woods, and not the type with trees planted neatly in rows typical of some reforestation efforts.

    Take a good long look at it and ask yourself this question. Is that area better off now with a 7-11, NTB and Goodyear an electrical substation behind the photographer, or as a woods and the distillery behind the photographer?

    Also, isn't the irony rich? Before their was Reston, there was rail to Reston and beyond. We tore that up because WE LOVE OUR CARS. Now, we're paying hundreds of millions of dollars to build another railroad that parallels that one.

    Well, I guess we need some place to stuff that 7,000,000,000th person.



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