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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

All Quiet on the Southern (Reston) Front: Glade Pool Recaptured by Allied Soldiers


Courtesy of our Facebook BFFs at the Reston Association, please to be enjoying this link to an exhaustive photo gallery of yesterday's U.S.-German military annual Reston Walk, which sent uniformed soldiers from both countries around Lake Audobon, evidently recapturing Glade Pool with little resistance. They say an army travels on its stomach, so it's too bad they didn't execute a classic pincer movement from there and take the Soapstone 7-11, reopening a vital supply route for Slurpees and Big Bites, the end.


  1. Don't mention the war.

  2. Are you referring to the "war" between north and south -- Reston, that is?

  3. I believe the official name is the "Reston Conflict." Unofficially it is the "War of Northern (Reston) Aggression 2."

  4. Anonymous 1:43,

    I believe you need to acquaint yourself with this:

    I also wonder if the American soldiers told the Germans about the radio hidden in the coffepot.

  5. Heaven help us all if that's what passes these days for a patrol or even a march formation for the US Army.


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