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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gone Fishin': Global Collapse Edition

newscan0001.jpegIt's that time of year, so we're jumping the non-existent fence that surrounds our earth-toned community and going walkabout for a while. Document the atrocities in the comments, and be excellent to each other.

In retrospect, though, maybe this wasn't the best week to schedule the IPO for Restonian Web Logs and Extruded Pork Products Inc. (NASDAQ: MAUVE)


  1. Here's an update: still no aliens, but I've still got the condom... just in case.

  2. So long, Restonian, and thanks for all of the fish.

  3. Anyone know of a place where I can get my knives sharpened?

  4. Will you be vacationing in Herndon? I hear Elden Street is the place o be these days.

  5. Peasant From Less Sought After South RestonAugust 10, 2011 at 3:13 PM

    A question:

    Have we lost a lot of the old-time regulars who used to comment on this "filthy web-log"? I still see Scubadiver and The Convict posting regularly (and some newcomers who comment regularly), but what about some of the other old faithfuls? What happened to El Peruno? South Lakes Mom? Rod Koozmin? Hickory Cluster Knuckle Duster? (I'm feeling the need for a "go stuff your fat face with all you can eat breadsticks" fix from him)

    I haven't included everyone's favorite, BiCO, because he decamped some time back to Pittsburgh, where he's a hell of a lot happier than here, even if his job is...delivering fruit baskets. (It's all there in the Pittsburgh forum of the website).

    So, old-time regulars: sound off please if you're still around!

  6. BiCO gave up a job with the federal government to deliver fruit baskets? Here I thought he was living out near the Blue Ridge all this time.

    I am not a fan of bread sticks, but I have developed a taste for what passes for garlic bread at Mama Lucia's at North Point. Can't imagine an insult to go along with that.

    I think a lot of folks post to Reston Patch now. There were a few weeks where the only thing there was to read about was cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes. Really boring, folks.

  7. I'm still reading and a big fan. Registering a pseudonym slowed me down some. For many years some thought I was the Restonian, this is not so. I may not be the Restonian but I think I'm the only person on here that this forum that: (1.) is real and can be verified as real and (2.) has meet you Peasant From Less Sought After South Reston or for that matter the only one who has meet anyone for sure on this forum. I wonder what sort of fish the Restonian would catch? If I'm really not him.

  8. Peasant From Less Sought After South RestonAugust 12, 2011 at 6:27 PM

    Rod, unless you know something that escapes me at present, I don't think we've ever met anywhere other than on this blog. And I do commend you for being the only person who regularly posts here under his actual name (I would, but I'm afraid I would be the victim of an RA extrajudicial rendition that would spirit me away to Sterling for enhanced interrogation sessions).

  9. Hi Rod! You scared me at Northpoint shopping center parking lot during the campaign for the last RA election. The parking lot is an uncommon location for a white guy beggar. In years past self proclaimed deaf mutes sold "sign language cheet sheets." Lately it's the infrequent "poor" immigrant beggars in the parking lot or worse- some pseudo-charity like a Reston youth baseball team selling Krispy Kreme donuts or Girl Scouts accosting me to buy their nasty trans fat-laden cookies as I depart the Giant. I'll stick with my case of Pabst beer and I only donate to the American Legion volunteers selling poppies on Memorial Day
    weekend...because veterans rate it. To what charities do you contribute?

  10. Speaking of old timers, I miss Le Pigeon's witty comments.

  11. Hi 8:52,Sorry to scare you.I think you are speaking of two elections ago when I was a candidate for the RA. I feel that we should have a place to campaign and do civic things, my thanks for the patience of Giant and the Northpoint shopping center. Our city centers have disappeared, many business have no such tolerance for the citizens who are our customers. I was trying to reach the 90% of citizens who don't vote. I would have to say that in retrospect active campaigning like I did at Northpoint did not seem to pay off. I do not like to proclaim my charities because of Mathew 6:1 but I would urge you to try my 'universal turn-down' "I'm sorry but at this time I'm not interested." This seems to make solicitator and you feel better.

    Peasant, maybe we have each other confused with someone else.

    Your just going to have to trust that this is Rod Koozmin, alius Rod's Sharpening Service becauseI am having to sign this as anonomus because for some reason my Google sign up is faltering, maybe after I bought a new I phone which uses Google. I will write the Restonian maybvee he knows something about this.- Rod



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