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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Action McNews Van Returns to Reston, This Time for a Wacky Contracting Mishap

The Action McNews Van found its way to Reston yet again last week, this time to cover some wacky contractor shenanigans. Our favorite part?
Moore walked over next door and said she asked one of the workers what happened.
“He said, ‘Oh, ah, mistake. We fixed it,” said Moore.
We've heard that before.


  1. I called to have my gutters cleaned one time but they went to a house down the street and cleaned their gutters instead. They even left the bill with my address on it in their mailbox!

  2. Peasant From Less Sought After South RestonJuly 20, 2011 at 3:53 PM

    Add Wadden Construction to the list of idiot contractors to be avoided at all cost. After what they did to Ms. Moore's house, it must be REALLY reassuring to her that Wadden offered a one-year warranty on their piece of crap fix to her roof.

    If I were Ms. Moore, I'd sue Wadden for the full replacement cost of an entire new roof to be done by a contractor of her choosing.

    I also noticed in the video that the Wadden sign said something about free hail damage inspections. That appears to be a popular scam around here, with Mid-Atlantic Construction the hands-down absolute worst in making unsolicited phone calls and door-to-door visits to try to scarf up some work.

  3. I agree with Peasant. Wadden is replacing the roof and, if they aren't forthcoming, they're going to replace all of the FRT under the shingles as well and they're going to pay a third-party contractor to do it.

    At least, though, it was the contractor and not the surgeon. Can you imagine going for a tummy tuck only to find that you've been castrated?


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