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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Action McNews Van Returns Once Again, This Time To Cutwater Court

The Action McNews Van returned yet again to Reston, this time to cover a month-old, barely publicized dispute about, we dunno, a house or something. Fortunately, they didn't worry our beautiful minds about the issue of piecemeal infill redevelopment in a growing community with an aging housing stock, allowing us to simply enjoy the schadenfreude of a neighborhood dispute with no broader ramifications, the end.


  1. Thanks Restonian for passing that video along. I sympathize with Lendmans' desire to take advantage of the view -- that's why you buy lakefront property to begin with. But I also think it's a terrible conflict of interest to be able to hire a sitting DRB member, and I agree with neighbors that a new home on that land should be designed to fit in with the community.

  2. Sounds like to me, the other neighbors are jealous and feel as though "their beautiful lakes houses" probably won't be as "beautiful" with that giant house next to theirs. Get over it. Let them build whatever size house they want.
    As for the DRB member, If I had tried two different plans that got rejected by the board, seems pretty simple to me to work with someone from the board to make up plans that fit the qualifications to get passed.
    I have lived in Reston for my whole life. There are many things about Reston I like...but there are just some things that are just SO RIDICULOUS about it, as well. This is a case in point.

  3. Sure, it makes sense to hire someone from the very board that decides the fate of the project. But that is unethical and a conflict of interest.

  4. That house is pink Cadilac ugly.

  5. let them build there house - the neighbors are just complaining about a non-issue


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